Keeping Books In Hearts And Homes, And Out Of Landfills

Keeping Books In Hearts And Homes, And Out Of Landfills

Keeping Books In Hearts And Homes, And Out Of Landfills

Do you know how many books are thrown away each and every year? The answer: Millions. Scratch that - hundreds of millions. As of 2017, the number was around 320 million in fact. And over the past two decades, annual paper usage has soared by a staggering 126%.

From fiction books to textbooks and everything in-between, there are more words lost to landfills than consumed by the hungry minds of today's youth. Not to mention what will happen to that paper should we choose to throw the book away.

But - what can we do? Kids grow up faster than we can track, and in turn, they quickly outgrow the books we buy for them. But the book your five-year-old no longer reads could be perfect for a three-year-old out there!

And so, we're going where no children's book company has gone before, by bringing used books back into circulation and creating a world-saving chain reaction for the very first time.

How It Works

As a Bookiddo member, you can simply send your child’s used books back to us without paying a cent. On your behalf, we’ll give each book to children with tastes and preferences that match the story – just as we do for you every month. If you don’t mind used books, you too can choose to add used children’s books in mint condition to your kid’s lucky packet every month!

Now that you know about Bookiddo, you can proudly become a part of the solution, not the problem. You can help us create a better world for the unborn generations of tomorrow, raise empowered readers for life, recycle, and keep the chain going.